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Beautiful imagery barIMG_3272-EditIt’s what I strive to achieve, photographic excellence. From the time I wake to the last thoughts of the night I work on and think about photography and how to enhance my experience, that I might create that beautifully crafted once in a lifetime image and a lasting connection to those I’m fortunate enough to work with.Signiture 01


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My Beautiful sweetheart ChastityStewie 5 Poynt / August 25th 2015

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Stewie sundress_65-EditStewie sundress_83-EditSpace holder WhtIMG_4435-Edit-EditStewie 5 Poynt / April 29th 2015Stewie ft lupton_257-EditStewie ft lupton_168-Edit

aStewie ft lupton_49-EditaStewie ft lupton_244-EditaStewie ft lupton_34-EditaStewie ft lupton_76-EditJenni Ferguson /Clear Creek, Golden, Co. April 23rd 2015

Jenny Granitejenni_230-Editjenni_257-Editjenni_243-EditStewie 5 Poynt /Civic Center March 20th 2014

IMG_9630-EditIMG_9715-EditIMG_9705-EditIMG_9621-EditCharlie Brawner /Denver, Colorado. Sept 11th, 2014

IMG_9241-EditCharlie Brawner /Denver, Colorado. December 13th, 2014Charlie_178-Edit

Sadiyah Paba

Sadiyah 04

Mountain beauty session with Rachel Ryan / August 23rd, 2014




Nikki Lara / Lookout Mountain,  August 9th, 2014IMG_7984-Edit

Taryn Martinez /  August 3rd, 2014


Amber Morsicato Belmar ice breaker session /  Dec 29th, 2013

Passing a little time before our nationally published boudior session, Amber and I shot this powerful image at the Belmar Ice Rink. It happens without notice, all of the elements come together for a moment that is unpredictable and fleeting and when I’m lucky I capture high caliber images like this one!

Amber 06

Amber Morsicato  / City Park, Denver. August 20th, 2012. 

Amber 22

Sadiyah Paba / Cherry Creek. July 29th, 2014


Sadiyah Paba / Civic Center Park. April 26th, 2014IMG_4677-Edit

IMG_2581-EditNichole and Sophia Rain / Highlands Bridge. June 29th, 2010Highlands4 copyCharlie Brawner / Red Rocks Park, Morrison, Colorado. July 13th, 2014





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Stunning park session with Raina Bright / June 3rd, 2012

Raina 01RainaPort7



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Beautiful Civic Center session with Amber Morsicato / July 13th, 2012

Amber 21

IMG_2769-EditIMG_2740-EditImportant factorl bar“The Graduate” / May 24th, 2014

Amanda Richter college graduation party, Foco Loco!!!

Amanda 01Creating a beautiful reality

Being true to my vision is crucial to the success of my photographic process, I’m original and I create images that reflect my artistic originality, I literally force the camera and lighting equipment to fulfill my vision, it’s the coolest thing. Then throw Colorado into the mix and we’re going to create incredible images, the scenery here is fantastic and the people  are great! There is a unique creative freedom that I experience here, I attribute that freedom to Colorado’s generous diversity of people, a great worldly mix of wonderful people that I’m glad to call my friends. We’re all in it together in this creative event called life and I have a lot of gratitude for the people I’ve worked with, Michael Adkins!

“Vertigo” / June 7, 2014

Rocky mountain portrait session somewhere way up there!

IMG_4140-Edit“Maiden of the Rapid” / April 26, 2014

Clear Creek portrait session with Sadiyah Paba!


Chasing light barNichole sunset 02Portrait sessions are a challenge that I look forward to, I never know what we will capture but the results can be unique and beautiful. Nichole in this stunning sunset portrait! The Golden Hour, the Blue Hour, terms associated with sunset and the hour following; the best light of the day, the shadow’s fall off, the light softens up and the colors saturate.Want to create something awesome?




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